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Back in February we talked about how mobile (tablets & phones) had overtaken non-mobile (desktop/laptop) in terms of the devices used to access miquando.com.  This was slightly earlier than we predicted last July when we launched our mobile web app (http://m.miquando.com) to accommodate this changing consumer behaviour (more..).

Mobile Devices 58% v Non Mobile 42%Today, less than 6 months later (July 2016), we see mobile phones alone are now the most popular device for our visitors.  This is a critical tipping point, because if your business does not have a mobile friendly website, chances are you are undoubtedly missing out opportunities to engage with the modern consumer.

Analysis of the devices used, has revealed a second valuable trend.  2 years ago, tablet usage was in decline, but with the recent introduction of new devices into the tablet market, there is currently a resurgence in tablet use.  This month, analysis of our visitors shows almost 60% now using mobile devices.

Miquando mobile site images
This is important because, whilst your ‘old’ website might be just about usable on these large screen mobile devices, unless you have designed it to be ‘responsive’ i.e. respond according to the type of device being used, it will likely be a pretty ugly experience for your consumer.

The first great thing about listing your business with MiQuando, means that even if you don’t have that ‘responsive’ website yet, people searching for local businesses like yours, can find you on miquando.com, looking great on a mobile friendly web site.  That way you won’t be missing this rapidly growing group of customers.

The second, is that by enabling your business for online booking, you are opening your doors 24hrs a day to mobile wielding consumers across the globe.


If you’d like to learn more, arrange a call back today – http://bit.ly/DiscoverMiQuando


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miquando.com mobile siteMore people than ever are using their mobile phones and tablets to make online bookings with local businesses.

According to the web statistics for February 2016, 52% of traffic to miquando.com came from mobile devices. This increasing shift towards booking ‘on the go’ highlights the need for local businesses to enhance their online and mobile compatibility.  MiQuando’s mobile site was launched in July 2015 and is proving extremely popular with people searching for and booking with local businesses.

Using a smart phone or tablet allows customers to not only search for local services and make bookings online whenever they want to, but also from wherever they happen to be. They aren’t constrained to the opening times of a business or leaving a voicemail for the business owner to then call them back at a time which might not be convenient for the customer.  Any business that doesn’t offer a mobile solution is potentially missing out on a lucrative and rapidly growing customer base.

Mobile vs Non Mobile website visitors

Feb 2016 – Mobile visitors exceed non-mobile

Find and Book Online with local businesses at miquando.com.

Book Now to find out how we can help you grow your business with online booking, call us on 01624 640393.


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The Menu Icon for Google Chrome

It isn’t just apps you can put on your smartphone or tablet. Whatever your device, it’s a quick and easy process to add your favourite mobile friendly web sites to your home screen. So just like apps, they’re always to hand when you need them; no downloads taking up space, and they’re always bang up to date.

How to add MiQuando mobile web app to your home screen.

Google Chrome IconUsing Chrome for Android

Navigate to m.miquando.com. Tap the The Menu Icon for Google Chrome menu button and then tap the “Add to homescreen” option. Give your shortcut a name, like “MiQuando”, and Chrome will then add this to your home screen.

The MiQuando icon will show on your home screen just like any app, so you can drag it around and move it to wherever you want. Chrome for Android loads the website as a “web app” when you tap the icon, so you won’t even get a browser interface, just a nice clean web app.

Most other Android and native browsers offer this feature, so you should be able to add the MiQuando web to your home screen in the same (or similar) way.


Apple Safari IconSafari on iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch

Open your Safari browser from any recent Apple iOS device, and go to m.miquando.com. Tap the The Apple Share Menu Icon Share button on the browser’s toolbar (you’ll find it on the bar at the bottom for iPhone or iPod Touch, on the top for iPad), then tap the Add to Home Screen icon in the Share menu. Give your shortcut a name e.g. MiQuando and it will be added to your screen.

Just like a normal app, you can drag the icon around and place it anywhere you want, including in app folders. Tapping your MiQuando icon will load the MiQuando mobile website using the Safari browser app.


Internet Explorer 10 IconInternet Explorer on Windows Phone 8 / 8.1

Using IE on your Windows phone, you use the “Pin to Start” option to add items to your home screen as tiles. Open the Internet Explorer browser and go to m.miquando.com. Tap the The Windows Phone more Icon More button and then tap Pin to Start in the menu as shown here.

Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 support live tile updates from websites that have configured the feature.



If you have another type of smartphone or tablet, it probably has this feature, too. Just open its browser and look in its menu for an option named something like “Add to home screen” or “Pin to home screen.”

To remove a website shortcut from your device’s home screen, just long-press the shortcut and remove it like you would any other app icon.

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Yep, you got it, we’ve built a fantastic little web app so now it’s even easier and more convenient to find and book online with local businesses, wherever you are, whenever you want.

Miquando.com mobile home page


It really couldn’t be easier, type in what your looking for e.g.

“restaurants” and

where e.g. “Douglas, Isle of Man”

Choose how far away you want to search (10, 25 or 50 miles)

then hit the SEARCH button.



You’ll see a list of all the available businesses that match your search terms (closest first unless you change your preferences e.g. Rating 1st).

Miquando.com mobile search result


  • Get all the details you need including images, ratings & reviews, services/price lists, and contact details


  • Tap the heart to add a business to your Favourites list for quick and easy access at a later date


  • Hit the BOOK NOW button to quickly and easily make your booking online 24 hours a day



So  what are you waiting for?  Start making life easier today with the MiQuando web app



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