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Many visitors to the Isle of Man are looking to enjoy the peace and tranquillity this fair Isle offers.  Some come for the breath-taking scenery, coastal walks and outdoor adventures available.  Others come for sporting challenges or to see the thrills and high speed excitement of road racing around the Mountain Course and Southern 100.  And then there’s business travellers and people visiting friends and family.

These visitors come from far and wide, and like most people they will have researched and probably booked all or some of their travel arrangements online.  What we are now seeing is, an extension of this online behaviour with visitors looking to firm up their plans and make arrangements online at their destination before they travel.  And this is where significant numbers of people are taking advantage of online booking from MiQuando.

Thank you image to our 10,000 customers

In recent months, we have seen a wide range of Isle of Man businesses receiving online bookings (over 10,000), from visitors far and wide across the globe.  Whether it is the business visitor setting appointments with Advocates and Accountants, someone needing to hire a wheelchair for a week, groups celebrating and hiring a hot tub for the weekend, sportsmen and women needing a bit of physiotherapy or a soothing massage, the bridesmaids booking in for those special treatments in the beauty salon and virtually all of them reserving tables in local restaurants.

In short, customers just love the convenience and flexibility of booking online 24/7/365.

The visitor economy plays a huge part in, and is a significant contributor to the economies of not just small Islands like the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands, but also Great Britain as a whole.  As such it is vital that every business from the smallest up, needs to be in a position to take advantage of this visitor behaviour.

And that is where Online Booking powered by MiQuando comes in to play.  A simple, reliable, low cost online booking service that works for virtually any business, opening the doors to customers worldwide, all day, every day without adding a penny to the wage bill.

If you want to learn more about and how online booking can help grow your business, arrange a visit or book a call back today at




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At MiQuando we’re on the lookout for some special to help us grow our online booking & marketing business.

Miquando Search Bar

Business Development Star

We’re looking for someone totally #BOOKINGAMAZING, who will be out and about, actively generating new contacts, sales and opportunities.  You’ll dedicate yourself to …

Identifying new sales leads – Following up new business opportunities – setting up meetings – Presenting features and benefits – Sharing new product developments – Developing working relationship – Identifying new market / product opportunities – Developing marketing literature – Providing feedback – Plus some other stuff too


Is this the role for you?

We need someone who is outgoing, friendly, assured and self-confident; that simply loves networking, meeting and presenting to people, both 1-2-1 and to wider audiences.  It also helps if you can demonstrate…

Good business sense – Passion for success – Exceptional communication skills- A positive outlook – Sound understanding of marketing principles – Plenty of initiative – Solid negotiation skills– Your sense of fun – Some dress sense

Other good stuff we need!

As an e-business, technology underpins our core offerings, including our innovative local business directory and advertising services and our popular multi sector / multi-platform online booking services.   As such, you will be…

Comfortable using current technology – Able to communicate technical features in simple language – Familiar with technology terms, trends and developments – Able to contribute to the development of new products and services


What’s in it for you!

The right person can expect to be rewarded with not just an attractive remuneration package comprising salary, commission scheme, bonus scheme and company car, but also the pleasure of working with a great set of people.  It’s still early days in the MiQuando journey, and the opportunity is there to grow the role and responsibilities in line with our own exciting growth plans and ambitions.

If this makes your toes tingle, send us an email to Business Development Role making sure you tell us why you think this is right up your street and don’t forget to attach a copy of your latest CV.




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Ok, that headline might be a bit strong, but it’s fair to say that we are expanding our reach beyond the Isle of Man, into the UK and into Europe now too.  It’s been a deliberate approach to develop and prove our online booking technology in the Isle of Man.

Now, after creating our highly flexible and robust online booking platform, we are seeing organic growth with businesses in England and now the Balearic Islands implementing online booking services from MiQuando.

To be fair, the British Isles has always been our main target market and the logical Regional settings example pagenext step for progression beyond our proving ground in the Isle of Man, but to get the opportunity to move into the international market earlier than expected is a great bonus.

We’ve had to make some changes in order to support our expansion into Europe and hopefully soon beyond.

for example, we’ve added the flexibility to cope with different regions/countries, multiple currencies and critically, time zones, which ensures online booking works seamlessly with customers and businesses from different geographic locations.

How long did it take us to go from a purely UK, GBP based online booking provider to a global, multi-currency, multi time zone online booking platform?

Just 16 days from start to finish!

the reason we could it so quickly, is because we have invested considerable time and money in building the foundations and underlying solution, and that, we believe, will be the key to the ongoing success of the MiQuando online booking platform.

Businesses can use to provide their online booking facility with unlimited bookings for just £1 a day or try the free version on a simple pay per booking basis with no financial commitments.

Businesses using, come from very diverse backgrounds, with regular bookings coming in for restaurants, beauty  salons, massage therapists, physiotherapists and osteopaths, opticians, solicitors and even hot tub hire!

We are continuously developing our products and services, to be able cater for any online booking style businesses can imagine.

Couple our flexible boking styles, with the ability to embed booking widgets and links into  our own website, social media posts and email campaigns there is no end to the possibilities of opening up every business 24 hours of every day, for the convenience of the 21st century customer.

If you would like to discover how MiQuando can benefit your business book a call back or a demonstration, or give us a call on +44 (0)1624 640393.







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The team has been busy over the winter month, beavering away behind the scenes to bring some great new additions to  We’re now into the final stages of development and testing, getting ready to release our latest updates into the wild.  Here’s a quick preview of some of the updates coming soon.

Email Icon

Better Informed

After listening to feedback from our members, we are making some small changes to our emails, to make sure everyone receives all the information they need regarding their bookings.  We’re adding more information and making it easier to read for businesses and online bookers alike.


Shield and folder with padlock 

Enhanced Data Encryption

We know how important is to keep your information safe and sound online, so we’ve been busy working to add more and stronger encryption to all your personal information you provide for your online bookings.


Tools IconPrivacy Tools

In addition to the improved data encryption, we now offer businesses more choices as to what customer information their staff and our support team are able to see.  The ‘High Privacy’ option suppresses names and contact information for customer bookings, whilst the ‘Very High’ option blocks all visibility to customer booking information, except for authorised accounts.



Restaurant Booking Capacity Tools

We’ve been working alongside some of our busiest restaurant partners to develop some very clever algorithms and a new graphical interface for our Restaurant Booking services.  We’re really pleased with the capacity management tools we have added that make it so much easier for restaurants to manage their bookings and prevent overloading both the kitchen and the front of house.


Chart for Bookings

Graphical Interface for Bookings

The new graphics and interface, mean it is easier than ever to see at a glance all the reservations for a particular day and service, view details of each individual booking in an instant, or update a booking with a single click of the mouse or tap of a finger.

Busy Diary


Diary / Calendar Management

Perhaps the hardest part of managing a busy diary is making sure everyone is up to date with everyone’s appointments and working hours.  It’s pretty much impossible to do with a paper diary, but we’re making it as easy and flexible as possible with our smart new Free/Busy Scheduler wizard that works with your online bookings calendar/diary.



All these new features and the great benefits they bring to consumers and businesses alike, are pencilled in for release mid April.  We’ll add a system news to let everyone know exact dates once all tests have been completed and signed off!

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In a previous post we talked about 5 things you can do to help your online visitors become paying customers, and in that we briefly mentioned ‘Calls to action’.  This post expands on that topic.

What is a ‘call to action’?  Basically a Call to action (CTA) is something you add to your website or Facebook page or include in an email or social media post that prompts your visitors and customers to take some action.  It is literally something that shouts out for people to take an “action.”

That something might be a line of text, an image or even better a ‘widget’ that allows your online visitor to do something that benefits them.  The most obvious place where you probably already have your basic CTAs is on your contact page where you say “Call us”, “Email us”, “Like us” etc. or maybe even have a contact us form.  So you’ve given your customers a few basic choices.

Here’s some simple examples:

1. Call 0845 564 0000 now to talk to one of our friendly team members and learn how can help your business grow 2. It is essential to actively manage your online reputation.  If you would like a copy of our PDF on how to deal with negative online feedback, simply click the Download button below.
3. Email us at with the subject “Call me please”, and one of friendly team members will give you a call back.  Download Button

Now if your business is an online retailer, your most important CTA will likely be along the lines of

Add to Basket Button

Unfortunately, that doesn’t really work if your business is service driven, rather than product driven.  In a service focussed business e.g. restaurant, beauty salon, physiotherapist, opticians, solicitor, or virtually every other service orientated business you can think of, the most effective Call to Action is going to be…

Book Now Button

Book Now Button with days of the week showingThe Book Now button is a brilliant Call to Action for any service orientated business, simply because it is the end game for almost all customers.  It gets even better when you can give customers and indication of days they can “Book Now”, as this improves both the customer experience and your conversion rate (after all, that’s what your CTAs should do) e.g.

Now think about how good it would be, if the first thing a prospective customer, visiting your website sees, is something that makes it so easy for them to achieve their objective, it’s almost too much for them to resist. Adding a real time calendar/booking widget on to your home page or landing pages, makes it incredibly easy to convert visitors to customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Snapshot of A Cut Above website


Try our Online Booking Widget right NOW?



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You might be washing someone’s hair, up a ladder cleaning windows, in a meeting, massaging a painful back, teaching a dance class, repairing storm damage, giving a driving lesson, dealing with that awkward customer or doing whatever makes your business money – and then the {expletive} phone rings.

Ringing phone image shows missed calls

Guess what – you just can’t answer it, ‘cos there’s work to be done!  Aaagh!

It doesn’t have to be like that though.  There’s a simple, really low cost way to capture those lost calls, customers and £’s.  Use an online booking service.  Why?  Because you need never miss a call again.

Just make sure your voicemail message tells people they can make an appointment online from your website ( or Facebook page (abc Isle of Man).  You’ll be amazed how many people will do what you suggest – after all, they called you (and not the competition) for a reason.

When speaking to small/micro businesses and sole traders about adopting online booking, many of them are sceptical at first, (too expensive, too complicated, don’t need it, won’t work for what I do, I don’t do technology), but soon start to understand their apprehensions are misplaced.

We all know it works for the airlines, hotels, restaurants etc. (because we use it regularly!), but if you take a moment to think about it, an online booking service can work effectively for pretty much every business, regardless of size, sector or budget.  Here’s just a few examples we see every day…

Doing what? Who is using it?
Sort out your appointment Hairdressers, Beauticians, Nailbars, Massages, Spa treatments
Book a call back time Laywers/Solicitors, Financial Advisors, Accountants, Estate Agents
Arrange a visit to quote Carpet cleaners, painters & decorators, flooring specialists, builders
Book an initial consultation Physios, Chiropractors, Chiropodists, Opticians, Other Clinics, Fitness Instructors
Book training & tuition Private tutors, Music Teachers , Driving Instructors, Training Courses, Gym Classes

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg really.

Image showing various online booking users

What all these businesses are really doing is giving the customer/prospect a reason to stick with them; an easy alternative. One they can use whenever it suits them and allows them to get in touch with you there and then, later in the day or even at evenings and weekends, at home or on the move – whatever is convenient.

Whenever someone uses our online booking service, they get an immediate response by email and/or SMS, which can be:

  • Acknowledging their enquiry with a promise to get back to them (you have all their details and you’ll be reminded that someone is waiting for you to respond too)

or even better

  • An immediate confirmation of their request, confirming your availability for the date and time suggested

The beauty of an online booking service is that you can actually seal the deal there and then no matter how busy you are (and you didn’t even have to do anything – how neat is that?).  Even if you need a little time to get back to your prospect or customer, they’re sticking with you (and not going to your nearest competitor).

If you’d like to know more about how online booking can help you and your business, give us a call on 0845 564 0000 or Click Here to schedule a convenient time and we can call you.


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Today’s customers don’t hang around.  If they can’t speak to you, find what they need online immediately or get a speedy reply to a message, they’re off – and usually to your nearest competitor !

Image of stressed busy lady

Not being able to answer the phone, or taking too long to reply to an email enquiry is why most small/micro businesses are losing sales on a daily basis.  Read on and take a moment to understand how much these missed calls and contacts are costing you and we’re sure you’ll want to know how you can make 2016 the year you stop losing so many sales unnecessarily.


So how much does every missed call/contact cost? 

  • Around 85% of people whose calls are not answered will not call back !
    • Approx 75% won’t leave their name, number or any message!
  • 60% of consumers will go elsewhere if your response to their email takes longer than 12 hours

Example Costs

ABC Physiotherapy is run by Jayne.  She get’s around 60 phone calls a week and maybe 40 email enquiries.  Because Jayne is often busy with clients, it’s difficult for her to answer her phone during the day, and emails often have to wait until the evening or weekend before she get’s a chance to respond.

Burning cash imageResearch suggests she will be losing around 21 enquiries or potential sales every week – that’s well over 1,000 lost opportunities each year.

Jayne’s has calculated here average revenue per enquiry to be around £30.  That’s over £30,000 lost revenue, simply because she’s with a client, or just taking a well earned ‘me moment’!

How can you fix it? 

Well you could always employ someone to help, but there is an effective much more cost effective way any business can fix this problem.

  • Use an online booking service like – it’s quick and easy to set up, you don’t need anything more than an internet connection and it’s totally free to get started.

How does online booking help me?Example online booking screenshot

  • If you’re too busy to answer the phone, or heaven forbid you’re actually getting some time off, simply use your answer phone to tell people they can book online by visiting your website or Facebook page and experience shows many will do just that.

Even better, you don’t have to worry about trying to find out who called and spend time trying to call them back!

  • They can use your online booking service at their own convenience whenever they want, from wherever they like, using any device with an internet connection

They get an immediate response by email and/or SMS acknowledging or confirming their booking request.  You don’t have to anything!

  • You can reduce lost sales and revenue by over 50%

The end result for you is happier customers, better reviews, more profit and best of all, less hassle


If you’d like to know more about how online booking can help you and your business, give us a call on 0845 564 0000 or Click Here to schedule a convenient time and we can call you.


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As part of our commitment to making life easier for customers and businesses alike, we’ve made it quicker and easier for you to change and cancel your bookings.

New “Edit My Booking” tab

Pic of Edit Booking Tab

Our ‘booking widgets’ now have a new tab.

To Change or Cancel a booking, simply click on the ‘Edit My Booking’ tab, or use the new link included in your booking emails, which will take you to a form, pre-populated with your booking info.


Change or Cancel a booking




If you use a link from a booking email we’ve sent you then your information will already be shown, otherwise you can type in your Booking Reference and Email Address.

Click on the Find Booking button and we’ll find and retrieve your booking in a jiffy




EditBooking2Found it!

Once we’ve got your booking, you will see all the details here, and you then have the option to Change or Cancel your booking.

Change it leads you through your booking, allowing you to change the date, time, no of people, notes etc

Cancel it asks you to confirm your choice, and will then cancel your booking (providing you are within the cancellation rules set, otherwise you will be prompted to contact the business concerned)



That’s how quick and easy it is to change or cancel your bookings without the need to sign in to your MiQuando account.


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Photo of Sarah Klaffenbock

Miquando has appointed Sarah Klaffenbock as Business Development Manager to join their expanding team. Sarah joins the team bringing with her nearly 20 years of Sales and Marketing experience having previously held roles with Mannin Media Group and Keith Uren Publishing.


Sarah commented “ I am delighted to be joining the Miquando team. The Miquando brand has grown and grown over the last couple of years making it the first choice for many customers when booking local restaurants or services. Miquando is definitely the best way to find, review and book online with local businesses on the Isle of Man.“

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Yep, you got it, we’ve built a fantastic little web app so now it’s even easier and more convenient to find and book online with local businesses, wherever you are, whenever you want. mobile home page


It really couldn’t be easier, type in what your looking for e.g.

“restaurants” and

where e.g. “Douglas, Isle of Man”

Choose how far away you want to search (10, 25 or 50 miles)

then hit the SEARCH button.



You’ll see a list of all the available businesses that match your search terms (closest first unless you change your preferences e.g. Rating 1st). mobile search result


  • Get all the details you need including images, ratings & reviews, services/price lists, and contact details


  • Tap the heart to add a business to your Favourites list for quick and easy access at a later date


  • Hit the BOOK NOW button to quickly and easily make your booking online 24 hours a day



So  what are you waiting for?  Start making life easier today with the MiQuando web app



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