There are all sorts of reasons why some people leave a Rating/Review and some do not, but it is probably fair to say that people who do, tend to fall into two broad groups with quite distinct philosophies.

Given the current headline news generated by a certain Donald Trump, it might be fun to use the topical titles of Democrat and Republican (but let’s try and keep politics out of it if we can)


‘The Democrat’

Leaves their Ratings and Reviews in the belief that it is done for the greater good of the people, irrespective of individual interests (theirs or the businesses). Having said that, there might just be a smidge of recognition involved if someone shares a helpful review.

In the majority of cases ‘The Democrat’ reviewer is responding to a request for feedback at the behest of the business concerned (either directly or indirectly)


‘The Republican’

Leaves feedback as a way of gaining a benefit mainly for themselves. It might be as blunt as getting paid to leave a review, or gaining some other non-financial reward, or maybe simply the gratification of earning that all-important ‘Reviewer Badge’ and a reputation in the community.

A far higher number of these reviews will be unsolicited by the business concerned. Indeed, they often won’t even know these reviews exist never mind have the opportunity to respond.


There will of course be the ‘in betweeners’ too, but by and large the above grouping is not too far off reality. Reviewers from each camp can, and do leave ratings and reviews that are useful to other people and in many cases the businesses themselves (should they see them).


Where do you sit?

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