Today’s customers don’t hang around.  If they can’t speak to you, find what they need online immediately or get a speedy reply to a message, they’re off – and usually to your nearest competitor !

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Not being able to answer the phone, or taking too long to reply to an email enquiry is why most small/micro businesses are losing sales on a daily basis.  Read on and take a moment to understand how much these missed calls and contacts are costing you and we’re sure you’ll want to know how you can make 2016 the year you stop losing so many sales unnecessarily.


So how much does every missed call/contact cost? 

  • Around 85% of people whose calls are not answered will not call back !
    • Approx 75% won’t leave their name, number or any message!
  • 60% of consumers will go elsewhere if your response to their email takes longer than 12 hours

Example Costs

ABC Physiotherapy is run by Jayne.  She get’s around 60 phone calls a week and maybe 40 email enquiries.  Because Jayne is often busy with clients, it’s difficult for her to answer her phone during the day, and emails often have to wait until the evening or weekend before she get’s a chance to respond.

Burning cash imageResearch suggests she will be losing around 21 enquiries or potential sales every week – that’s well over 1,000 lost opportunities each year.

Jayne’s has calculated here average revenue per enquiry to be around £30.  That’s over £30,000 lost revenue, simply because she’s with a client, or just taking a well earned ‘me moment’!

How can you fix it? 

Well you could always employ someone to help, but there is an effective much more cost effective way any business can fix this problem.

  • Use an online booking service like – it’s quick and easy to set up, you don’t need anything more than an internet connection and it’s totally free to get started.

How does online booking help me?Example online booking screenshot

  • If you’re too busy to answer the phone, or heaven forbid you’re actually getting some time off, simply use your answer phone to tell people they can book online by visiting your website or Facebook page and experience shows many will do just that.

Even better, you don’t have to worry about trying to find out who called and spend time trying to call them back!

  • They can use your online booking service at their own convenience whenever they want, from wherever they like, using any device with an internet connection

They get an immediate response by email and/or SMS acknowledging or confirming their booking request.  You don’t have to anything!

  • You can reduce lost sales and revenue by over 50%

The end result for you is happier customers, better reviews, more profit and best of all, less hassle


If you’d like to know more about how online booking can help you and your business, give us a call on 0845 564 0000 or Click Here to schedule a convenient time and we can call you.


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Beautiful simplicity – Local beauty salon benefits from the MiQuando® effect!

Amy from Beautylicious Beauty SalonAmy Brown, proprietor of Peel based beauty salon ‘Beautylicious’ has always sought to provide a professional and seamless service to her growing client list. The extensive range of treatments on offer is testament to her knowledge and skill, as well as her commitment to on-going professional development and training.

Being a small business it’s essential to get the booking process right. That’s why she turned to MiQuando’s online booking service, and she’s happy to acknowledge it’s been one of the best decisions she’s made:

“The online booking and diary system is fantastic,” said Amy.  “My salon is in Michael Street and I only live a few minutes away. It means I can offer servSimplicity of online booking from Miquando.comices at times to suit my clients. With MiQuando’s online booking system, clients can book an appointment at any time of the day or night – whenever the whim takes them.  They can see all available slots and pick the one that suits.  Furthermore they are sent an automatic reminder on the day of the appointment by text or email message.”

Simplicity is the key to the system, which can be accessed through Amy’s website ( or via
   It’s a tool that helps her customers and amounts to a value-added service, provided at no extra cost.

Setting up the cloud based system couldn’t be easier: “You certainly don’t need to be a computer geek,” said Amy who did it herself.  She was also full of praise for the friendly, supportive backup provided by the MiQuando® team: “Jon has been really helpful from day one. I started using the MiQuando booking service in March and I can honestly say I’m really pleased. It’s perfect for a business like mine.”

MiQuando® offers a unique online service and is based in offices on Prospect Hill, Douglas.  Beautylicious is another in a growing number of small to medium-sized businesses to benefit from the MiQuando effect.

If you would like your business to experience the MiQuando effect, visit

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Proshinbe car valet at workSteve Woodard runs ProShine Valeting and Paint Restoration.  Steve and the Proshine team are very flexible and offer the convenience of coming to with the mobile valeting unit or for bigger or more complex jobs there is a the option of using the workshop.

In addition to his regular private clients, Steve also has agreements in place to provide special deals to selected corporate clients on the Isle of Man.

Always on the lookout for opportunities to grow the business or find efficiencies, Steve came across MiQuando and immediately saw the opportunity to provide his corporate clients an added value service in Online Booking, and at the same time take away the hassle of trying to arrange all the staff appointments.

In the first two months of introducing the online booking service to corporate client Royal Skandia, Proshine received just under 50 online bookings from staff, with non of the administrative overhead, as all the confirmations, notifications and reminders were automatically and seamlessly handled by the MiQuando booking system.

Steve said – “The team at Miquando helped me to get up and running in no time at all.  I could then create a unique link we could send in an email the client’s staff.  All they had to do was click the Book Now button in the email, choose a convenient date and enter a few details and that was it; job done.”

The Online Booking system is highly configurable so businesses can set it up to work just they way they want it to, and choose manage their booking requests manually or accept them automatically, and be kept informed via the website, emails and/or text messages.

Steve added – “It’s all so easy and saves me loads of time and effort, plus the client loves it too.  We can see all the bookings coming through on emails or via the website, and we know exactly what we have waiting for us on site.  It works a treat for us.”

If your car is in need of a little TLC and you want get that showroom look and feel back, get those scratches and scrapes sorted, or even your wheels refurbished, click here to get in touch with Steve and the Proshine team.


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L'experience French RestaurantMichael and Belinda Murphy, the current owners of L’Experience, took over the restaurant in December 2009, maintaining both the high standards and the essential heart and soul of this little  taste of France in the Isle of Man.  The restaurant remains extremely popular and is a firm favourite for romantic couples, business people, families and celebrities alike.

Despite it’s popularity Michael and Belinda have been keen to embrace new technology making it is as easy as possible for customers both old and new to make a booking and enjoy the delights on offer.

In mid 2013, they started using MiQuando to offer online booking facilities to customers.  It’s a quick and easy setup and with no annual contracts or monthly fees for the basic membership,  the only time they incur any cost is when they receive a customer booking via the internet.

Michael says – “Miquando is much more than just an online listing of your phone number and address. The additional features on offer are incredible and have made a real difference to our business. Customers can find us and book a table through our website or quickly and easily. Not only does that encourage diners but it also means that we can directly see where our business is coming from.”

The flexibility of the online booking service means Michael and Belinda can be taking bookings, when they are busy in the restaurant, when the restaurant is closed, or even when they are taking a well earned break.

Two recent examples of how Internet booking and the ability to accept a booking request online, via email or even SMS include:

  • Receiving bookings from as far a field as Philadelphia in the USA for someone planning a visit to the Isle of Man
  • taking multiple bookings and being able to confirm acceptance to customers while enjoying their holiday in the Caribbean

Why not Book Online today and enjoy a fantastic lunch or evening meal at L’Expérience.


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