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When someone gives you a tough time about something when you’re putting everything you’ve got into it, it’s natural to have an emotional response.

1 star review

The immediate temptation is to blast back, especially if the review is unsubstantiated.  Please don’t.  Give yourself some time to ‘cool down’ a bit and make sure you are not over reacting.

The best response (if you still feel you need to respond at all), is probably best done in private via the phone or email (which you should have with an online booking).  Your response might go something like this….

Hi, it’s ….. from …..

I saw your review on MiQuando, thanks for sharing your feedback.

Sorry, you didn’t get the service you hoped for, can you help me understand what went wrong so we can try our best to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Acknowledge their issues, don’t try make them see things from your point of view.

Invite them back, so you can show them a better experience – maybe for free!

Sometimes, you just can’t resolve a complaint like that and you may have to public in your response.  It’s essential you come across as the professional here.  Don’t be defensive, just acknowledge their issue and state what you’re doing about it.

There’s little to be gained from picking their complaint apart, so it’s best just to show you’re listening and responding to your customers.  Maybe go public with something like this…

“Hi, sorry to hear your experience wasn’t up to expectations. We appreciate and try to learn from all the feedback we receive. As previously discussed, please feel free to take up our offer to come back and let us demonstrate we’re on top of everything.”

Having the occasional (well handled) negative review, can actually be an advantage.  When customer’s see them, it makes them more whole thing more realistic and actually more valuable.  Let’s face it, when confronted with a list of only 5 Star reviews, who doesn’t get a bit cynical and wonder if they are manipulated or fake.  After all, we can’t please all the people all the time.

A negative review that is well responded to only serves to add credibility to a business, showing it cares about customer satisfaction.  If we are realistic, very few customers expect perfection, most will happily accept honesty and putting something right when things do go wrong.

In today’s online world, transparency is the best way to foster and build happy customer relationships.

5 Star Customer Review

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